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*The Little Mermaid at Alabama Shakespeare Festival

The Montgomery Advertister
" Every musical number that Ariel’s evil aunt Ursula (Donna Migliaccio) performs with electric eel minions Flotsam (Jeremy Pasha) and Jetsam (Brandon Curry) is a show-stopper... Seldom has evil been more fun."

*The Little Mermaid at North Shore Music Theater

The Boston Globe
"the use of...her hench-eels Flotsam (Jeremy Pasha) and Jetsam (Paul Louis Lessard) - who glide around the stage on Heelys - was so commanding"

Wicked Local
"Jeremy Pasha as Flotsam and Paul Louis Lessard as Jetsam are vivid and entertaining as Ursula’s two crafty henchmen. Also fine singers, they have some neat harmonic episodes in Ursula’s big musical number "Daddy’s Little Angel.""

Independent Local
"a stark contrast to black-tentacled Ursula's two creepy,  slithery assistants, electric eels Flotsam (Jeremy Pasha), and Jetsam  (Paul Louis Lessard). This duo's synchronized antics are shocking -  literally - bizzzzzing, buzzzzzzing, and zapping at Ursula's bidding."

Jewish Journal
"and her minions, Jeremy Pasha (Flotsam) and Paul Louis Lessard (Jetsam), are superb."

*The Music Man at Ogunquit Playhouse
"Another highlight is the frequient appearance of four contentious school board members who are turned into a harmonious barbershop quartet. Andy Redeker, Don Rey, Tripp Hampton and Jeremy Pasha make beautiful music together all while moving in comical lock step."

Tourist News
"The quartet handled each song with panache and precision. Tenor Jeremy Pasha floated at the top with near-soprano clarity"

‚Äč*Our Country at New York Musical Theater Festival

Greg Cicchino
"The best thing I can say about the show without question is Jeremy Pasha. You can’t take your eyes off of him. He’s always doing something interesting."

*Our Country at the Planet Connections Festivity
"...great when interacting with Pasha (the two have really good stage chemistry)... Jeremy Pasha performs well as Kevin and Duane"

*Jesus Christ Superstar National Tour

San Francisco Bay Times
"Notable performances included Jeremy Pasha’s excellent diction as Annas"

Reading Eagle
"Jeremy Pasha as Annas provides smooth vocal counterpoints to Neeley's rough edges and Glover's intensity"

*Grease at the Forestburgh Playhouse

Times Herald-Record
"and not to be missed is Jeremy Pasha as Eugene the nerd who prefers algebra to girl talk and whose geeky character dances with the grace of a robot."

*The Front Page at the Storch Theater

Daily Orange
"Bensinger, played by Jeremy Pasha, was a neurotic clean-freak reporter with a speech impediment. His recitation of a poem, which was closer to interpretive dance, was a highlight of the play."