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*More Me*

Can't get enough Jeremy Pasha?! See more videos of me at:

*Classes and Teachers*

VP Boyle is one of the best teachers I've worked with in the city. Check out his build your book and forum classes at:

Sheri Sanders can teach you to rock out like no other. Check her out at: 

The Savvy Actor is like MBA training for actors. Learn marketing strategies that really work with them at: 

An incredible training program for college students in their senior year. Give it a look-see at:

*People, Places and Things*

The website for my incredible choral group. Hear our music at: 

Composer/lyricist Tony Asaro and I have worked on TONS of great projects. Check out his work at: 

This blog of crazy theater musings always makes me happy. Read it all at: 

NY Theatre Barn is dedicated to cultivating new musical theater. I am too! Support em at:

Cait Doyle makes me pee myself, usually with laughter. Check out her and her award winning show at: 

Pianist/song-writer Sharon Kenny is my go-to coach in the city and my go-to choice on my ipod. Give her a listen at: 

This webisode about 3 girls making a Hall and Oates tribute band is utterly hysterical. Join in the fun at:

Rising star Katie Zaffrann inspired me to create this site. Get inspired by her at: