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Do you need help finding that perfect cut of a song? Need to hear that accompaniment? Need it in a different key? Wanna figure out “what you’re acting”? I can help!

In addition to my work as I performer, I offer cheap and flexible musical theater coachings. I tailor my coaching style to your individual needs, getting you the musical assistance you need to feel confident and succeed in the audition room and beyond. My students have booked jobs in regional theater up to the big Broadway. And if money is an issue, I’m always happy to work within your budget.

But, as they say on Reading Rainbow, you don’t have to take my word for it:

“Jeremy Pasha gets the job done.  Every minute of a coaching is well spent and personalized; he uses a variety of techniques until discovering what works for you.  He'll search & destroy any musical theatre issue-- acting choices, vocal production, you name it.  Do I recommend Jeremy Pasha?  Heck yes!”

-Cait Doyle, 2009 MAC Award for Hot Mess in Manhattan

“After 3 years on the road with a rock musical, Jeremy refocused my sound placement, helped me with my breath support, and helped control my vocal tension. He literally got me back into vocal shape.  I absolutely believe that it was Jeremy's coachings that got me back auditioning so quickly, and helped me book more work.  He not only focuses on the vocal elements of songs but also how to effectively deliver what it is I want to communicate.  When I am in town, our coachings are indispensable, and when I am out of town, I use his warm-ups before every single show!”

-Craig Sculli

“Jeremy excels as a performer and a teacher. He has helped me have vocal/acting/focus breakthroughs during our work sessions ensuring a positive experience in the audition room. He brings out the best in singers, in a safe and friendly environment.”

- Aaron Fuksa